Predict and Prevent Failures

Detecting a failure after it occurs is often too late. You need insights that provide early indicators before a failure occurs. With Questar’s platform, performance degradations will be detected before becoming hazardous, faults will be detected before the vehicle generates a Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), and system-level faults that don’t generate a DTC will be detected as well.


Personalized Maintenance

Our real time edge algorithms monitor multiple vehicle systems and can identify anomalies and performance degradation in components. This enables vehicle maintenance based on actual conditions. Service your vehicle one time – not too early and not too late – can significantly reduce your maintenance cost.

Deep Root Cause Analysis

Predicting and detecting a malfunction is only the first steps in managing vehicle health. In order to determine the appropriate course of action, a detected malfunction must be associated with a specific fault in a component. Our unique explainable AI technology helps you get to the root cause of failures quicker and with more accuracy. This not only streamlines maintenance planning, but it also reduces the cost of troubleshooting and repair.


Performance Optimization

Maintaining your vehicles at peak performance level decreases your operating costs and extends the life of your vehicles. Our edge algorithms can identify performance degradation and alert in advance, allowing you to take the proper measures on time.

Our Capabilities

Advanced Diagnostics

Based on our unique real-time edge algorithms and advanced AI technology, Questar's platform monitors and analyses the dual impact of component wear on vehicle efficiency and safety.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Health reports and alerts
  • Engine health
  • Electric system health
  • Gear health
  • Steering system health
  • Tires health
  • Fuel system health

Predictive Vehicle Health

Based on advanced AI and deep learning technologies combined with deep automotive knowledge, Questar technology can predict when a malfunction will happen.

  • Root cause analysis
  • Edge analysis
  • Fleet analysis
  • Component predictive health

Our Unique Technology

An advanced configurable Telematics Control Unit that collects high fidelity data from multiple sources onboard the vehicle and analyzes them in real time.

An embedded AI runtime engine designed for gateway modules, domain controllers, and telematics modules. It enables efficient execution of deep learning algorithms that monitor thousands of signals in real time and deliver unprecedented insights on your vehicle’s health.

Provides OEMs and fleets with unprecedented predictive capabilities and operational insights across heterogeneous fleets.

A SaaS fleet management solution that delivers to customers actionable insights.

Our AI platform that enables customers to develop, train, optimize, test, and deploy state-of-the-art deep learning algorithms for vehicle health management.