Optimize Operations and Profitability

Early detection of vehicle and component malfunctions prevents further damage, allows personalized maintenance based on actual component wear, and therefore optimizes maintenance cost and effort. Using the Questar platform, remote diagnostics and root cause analysis enable faster and more efficient repairs and help to reduce warranty claim costs and minimize recalls.


Increase Customer Satisfaction

Questar’s platform enables you to improve your customers’ operational efficiency. By offering optimized maintenance customers receive improved service scheduling and quality. You will also be able to offer your customers an extended warranty period relying on new vehicle health-based services of predictive maintenance and advanced diagnostics.
With value-added commercial services like driver behavior analysis and fleet analytics, you will be able to create long-term relationships with your customers through digital channels, also enabling new lucrative business models.

Improve Product Quality

Build your next-generation product based on superior insights driven by AI and deep learning technology. Questar’s platform offers early detection of malfunctions and advanced root cause analysis capabilities, leading to a deep understanding of vehicle and component behavior. In addition, you can improve your existing product performance by delivering Over-the-Air updates, that maintain product quality throughout its lifecycle and offer new software features.
Contain R&D spend by remotely configuring and triggering data-logging and comparing system performance from simulation through bench to field data along the vehicle lifecycle.


Our Capabilities

Fleet Management

Questar’s diagnostic, and prognostic solutions provide real-time analysis of deep vehicle data and intelligent fleet-level analytics that help reduce your customer’s costs and more efficiently manage their maintenance.

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Location-based services
  • OTA
  • Fleet operations
  • Fleet performance
  • Fleet utilization
  • Maintenance management
  • Maintenance reports

Driver behavior

Taking vehicle health to the next level, Questar's platform monitors and analyzes the effects of driving behavior on component wear and safety.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Driver scoring reports
  • Economy driving analysis
  • Collision detection
  • Idling reports
  • Engine health
  • Brakes health
  • Gear health
  • Fuel consumption analysis

Advanced Diagnostics

Based on our unique real-time edge algorithms and cutting-edge AI technology, Questar's platform monitors and analyses the dual impact of component wear on vehicle performance and safety.

Everything in Growth

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Health reports and alerts
  • Engine health
  • Electric system health
  • Gear health
  • Steering system health
  • Tires health
  • Fuel system health

Predictive Vehicle Health

Based on advanced AI and deep learning technologies combined with deep automotive knowledge, Questar's platform can predict when a malfunction will happen.

  • Root cause analysis
  • Edge analysis
  • Fleet analysis
  • Coolant system health
  • Aftertreatment system health
  • Lubrication system health

Solution Highlights

Real-time data collection, smart filters and triggers, and data logging enable deep root cause analysis to determine the true cause for the malfunction, leading to faster repair and help minimize no-trouble-found cases.

Timely detection of component performance degradation allows to maintain the vehicle and its components based on actual wear and tear, repairing only what is required on-time.

Using our real-time edge algorithms and advanced AI and deep learning technologies, malfunctions can be detected before they cause additional damage.

Continuous improvement of user experience and system performance is enabled via Over-the-Air updates of ECU firmware.