Improve Fleet Efficiency

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and unplanned vehicle downtime is a concern shared by many fleets. With Questar’s platform you can reduce maintenance costs and fuel consumption, increase component life span, and increase vehicle uptime.

Using predictive maintenance powered by Questar’s real-time edge algorithms & AI technology and personalized maintenance based on actual component wear, maintenance is optimized. Parts are fixed or replaced only when required, and on-the-road repairs are minimized.

Our unique driver behavior module monitors and guides drivers in real-time on efficient driving, supporting fuel consumption optimization and reducing component wear.


Advance Safety & Security

The Questar platform detects hazardous vehicle conditions to help assure your drivers are safe from unexpected mechanical malfunction-related incidents.
Improve driver skills using real-time notifications on unsafe driving in varying conditions (such as rain) and monitor driver and safety scores reports throughout the fleet. With Questar’s platform collision detection and black box data log, accident investigation is more efficient and accurate.

Promote Sustainability and Reduce Carbon Emissions

Questar’s platform helps to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It manages hybrid propulsion use, enabling optimization of fuel and energy consumption, also supported by real-time driver guidance.
Fleets can improve battery life while optimizing their EV migration and implementing mission-supporting green zones.


Our Capabilities

Fleet Management

Questar’s diagnostic, and prognostic solutions provide real-time analysis of deep vehicle data and intelligent fleet-level analytics that help reduce your customer’s costs and more efficiently manage their maintenance.

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Location-based services
  • Trip management
  • Fleet operations
  • Fleet performance
  • Fleet utilization
  • Driver management
  • Maintenance management
  • Fuel management

Driver behavior

Taking vehicle health to the next level, Questar's platform monitors and analyzes the combined effects of driving behavior on component wear and safety.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Driver scoring reports
  • Economy driving analysis
  • Collision detection
  • Idling reports
  • Unsafe parking
  • Context over-speeding

Advanced Diagnostics

Based on our unique real-time edge algorithms and advanced AI technology, Questar's platform monitors and analyses the dual effects of malfunctions on components wear and safety.

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Health reports and alerts
  • Engine health
  • Electric system health
  • EV battery management
  • Low tire pressure
  • ABS events
  • Component health

Predictive Vehicle Health

Based on advanced AI and deep learning technology combined with deep automotive knowledge, Questar's platform can predict when malfunctions will happen.

  • Root cause analysis
  • Edge analysis
  • Fleet analysis
  • Component predictive health

Solution Highlights

Providing the required features for managing an efficient, smart fleet.

Increasing driver safety, reducing component wear and optimizing fuel consumption.

Using our real-time edge algorithms and cutting-edge AI and deep learning technology, malfunctions are detected before they cause additional damage.

Data logging for deep root cause analysis supports determining the true cause for the malfunction, leading to faster repair, and minimizing no-trouble-found events.

Detailed data logging and parameter monitoring, allows to maintain the vehicle and its components based on actual wear, replacing and fixing parts only when required.