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Transforming the Automotive Ecosystem

Questars unique deep learning models unlock the true value of vehicle data for automakers, Tier 1 suppliers, and vehicle fleets. Our insights change the way fleets are managed, optimize expenditure, increase operational efficiency and safety, and facilitate precise and aggressive ROI standards.
Questar’s technology is deployed in over 350k vehicles across more than 20 countries, providing constant, meaningful, cost savings insights.

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A Paradigm Shift in Vehicle and Fleet Analytics

Standing at the forefront of technology, Questar’s AI-based platform provides automakers, Tier 1 suppliers, and fleet owners cutting edge telematics and data analytics solutions.

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What our customers are saying

Steve Holland 1/8
"Questar’s platform provides a valuable tool to help OEMs and fleet owners reduce their warranty, recall, and downtime costs. Its capabilities in AI and Deep Learning technology are a major enabler for effective health-ready components and systems. The platform brings together AI with the domain knowledge and electromechanical expertise to accelerate the advancement and industry adoption of Integrated VHM standards and best practices.”
Steve Holland

Chairman of the SAE HRCS Consortium

Brian Carlson 2/8
"Questar’s AI-based platform, paired with NXP’s S32G vehicle network processors, provides an attractive solution to our customers to enable and accelerate their Vehicle Health Management initiatives. This breakthrough product offers a complete deep learning framework, models, and an execution engine that can help our automotive OEM customers as they strive to streamline and reduce the cost of their operations, get better vehicle performance insights, and provide better customer experiences."
Brian Carlson

NXP. Director, Global Product and Solutions Marketing

"Questar has supported us throughout our journey, from a small start-up to where we are today with more than 1000 vehicles. Our partnership revolves around co-creation and exploring new use cases for the Questar solutions, of which there are many within Dribe. Questar has been critical in enabling unmanned stations, and unmanned pick-up and returns securing a more convenient user experience for our customers. Questar has also allowed for a much more proactive handing of our fleet and facilitated process automation."


Steen Herløv Andersen 4/8
"Compared to other providers, the quality of the product and services are significantly better. By rejecting and terminating customers who are driving dangerous or high speeding, we reduce the risks for insane driving penalty - which in Denmark means confiscation and loss of the car. We have a clear documentation for customers we must collect insurance deductible from, and counterparty companies cannot without reasonable documentation hold us responsible in an accident situation."
Steen Herløv Andersen

Share Now, Head of Operations

Egged started cooperating with Questar in 2019. After a pilot period, we decided to install Questar in all of Egged’s fleet consisting of 3000 buses. In addition to tracking and driver behavior, Egged uses Questar to follow various parameters that support us in vehicle health management and decreasing accidents. The service by Questar is professional, excellent, human and consistent adjusting to Egged’s high standards.

The Egged Public Transport Company

Peter Lanng Nielsen 6/8
”We believe that both passengers and drivers have a common interest in achieving a good quality experience while riding or driving in one of our busses. Questar helps us combine a high level of customer service with an active environmental policy, customer-friendly driving and precise roadmaps. All these elements combine to strengthen public transport, making it an attractive alternative to the car”
Peter Lanng Nielsen

Keolis Denmark. CEO

"It is important to us that Questar is able to adjust to new working practices and be a partner on an ever-changing journey in a dynamic and fast changing market"

Vy Buss AS

Jonathan Malka 8/8
“We at Strauss, have been working with Questar since 2009. The solution is installed in 300 cold transport commercial vehicles… We have grown and advanced with Questar throughout the years and are very satisfied – from the product and it’s flexibility adapting to our needs, from the service and from the relationship altogether”
Jonathan Malka

Strauss, Manager of Inventory Control, Sales department

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