Vehicle Health Management

Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management solutions provide advanced diagnostics and prognostics capabilities, including early indicators of faults before a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) is triggered, detection of system-level faults that do not have DTCs, and root cause analysis of faults. By detecting a health issue early, vehicle manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers can repair the issue before it causes additional damage to the vehicle. In addition, Questar’s advanced root cause analysis solution helps technicians quickly diagnose and repair the issue.


Embedded AI Analytics

Questar’s vehicle health management platform includes an AI runtime engine that can be embedded in the vehicle’s onboard electronics. By integrating Questar’s software into a central gateway module, domain controller, or advanced telematics unit, the Questar algorithms can access and analyze thousands of vehicle signals in real time. This enables a much deeper analysis of the vehicle’s health and provides unprecedented predictive and prognostic capabilities.

AI Development Tools

Questar provides the industry’s first and only AI tool that enables automotive engineers with no data science expertise to build state-of-the-art deep learning-based vehicle health management solutions for vehicles and fleets. It includes a rich library of production grade models and design templates for major vehicle systems such as engine, transmission, emission, braking, battery management, and more. And it can generate compressed and optimized models for embedded deployment onboard vehicles, as well as analytical models for heterogeneous vehicle fleets. In addition, the tool enables customers to easily configure data collection settings, triggers, and events.


Who is the Platform for

Questar’s AI-based platform provides predictive capabilities and troubleshooting information that helps automakers reduce warranty costs and minimize No Trouble Found part returns.

Detect system-level faults that do not have diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) by integrating Questar’s AI runtime engine into the vehicle’s onboard electronics.

Questar’s AI-based platform collects and analyzes high fidelity vehicle signals and fleet-level data that enables OEM data scientists to predict and prevent warranty issues before they occur.

Questar’s telematics platform provides AI-based vehicle health management and over-the-air software update capabilities to identify and resolve warranty issues quickly and cost-effectively.