Fleet Analytics and Business Intelligence

Fleet operational efficiency is impacted by multiple factors including vehicle health conditions, driver behavior, drive cycle, mission planning, and more. Although ample data is available today to fleet managers, the complex relationships between these factors make it difficult to identify, isolate, and prioritize the contributing factors and drive effective actions. Generating actionable insights often requires manual analysis of reports by experienced individuals, which delivers limited results.

Questar’s AI-based fleet analytics provides fleet managers with unprecedented predictive capabilities and operational insights. Real-time dashboards give the fleet manager a clear picture of vehicle health and efficiency, driver performance, and fleet utilization. Questar’s powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tools enable fleets to customize their reports and dashboard, to best fit their needs.


Run Vehicle Maintenance Only when Needed

Effectively managing the health of your vehicles is critical to lowering fleet’s operation costs. Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management solution provides unprecedented capabilities to predict failures and performance degradations, estimate component remaining useful life (RUL), and identify the root cause of vehicle health issues. This enables fleet owners to increase uptime, avoid roadside breakdowns, and streamline maintenance. It also helps ensure that parts are replaced exactly when needed – not too soon or too late.

Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management solutions help fleets lower the maintenance cost of their vehicles.

Fuel Consumption Optimization

Fuel accounts for over 30% of the total cost of ownership in commercial fleets. To minimize fuel costs, fleet managers need to identify cases of poor fuel efficiency, estimate how much fuel can be saved, and flag actionable inefficiencies. Questar’s AI solution monitors the multiple parameters that impact fuel consumption, including vehicle health, mission parameters, drive cycle, and driver behavior. It identifies the relations between each factor, detects sub-optimal fuel consumption, and highlights the actionable items that drive fuel consumption down.


Tire Analytics

Tires account for 5% of a commercial truck’s operating costs, but they have an impact on 40% of the truck’s overall costs, including fuel consumption and road accident repairs caused by incorrect air pressure or worn tires. Questar’s AI-based tire diagnostics and prognostics solution monitors air pressure, tire temperature, distance travelled, speeds, and additional vehicle data to determine when a vehicle’s tires require care or replacement. Using deep diagnostic capabilities and advanced analytics, Questar helps fleet owners ensure that their trucks’ tires are operating safely and efficiently.

Driver Behavior and Safety

Fleet owners need to reinforce good driving habits among their drivers by educating them on proper driving techniques. Questar’s AI-based driver behavior analytics and risk profiling solution enhances the performance of fleets by identifying how the vehicles are being used and providing educational modules on correct driving habits. Information is provided both in real-time through the provision of in-vehicle displays and historically through reports, statistics, and graphs.

Questar’s driver risk profiling solution provides personalized driver education based on previous driving performance.


Asset and Mission Management

GPS tracking provides more than vehicle location and status. It provides opportunities to lower fuel and energy costs through improved routing and mission planning. Questar’s AI-based solution helps you maximize productivity by reducing travel times and miles driven. It provides capabilities to dynamically configure routes, avoid construction zones and traffic jams, and identify improvement areas in your day-to-day fleet operations.

Questar’s asset and mission management solution allows you to save time and money by optimizing your vehicle allocation and routes.

Who is the Platform for

Save time and money by using Questar’s AI-based solutions to reduce fuel consumption, improve driver performance, minimize downtime, streamline maintenance, and much more.

Questar’s diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic solutions provide real-time analysis of deep vehicle data and intelligent fleet-level analytics that help reduce your customer’s costs and more efficiently manage their maintenance.

Questar’s deep learning solutions provide actionable intelligence for new data-driven business models and timely decision making across the vehicle lifecycle.

Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management solutions provide predictive maintenance and troubleshooting information to ensure that you’re addressing the right problem at the right time.

Questar’s development tools enable automotive engineers and fleet managers with no data science expertise to quickly build custom AI solutions that provide deep insights to reduce fleet costs.