TEL AVIV, Israel, June 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Questar Auto Technologies, the leading predictive vehicle health company, announced today that its Vehicle Health Management (VHM) Platform, which combines artificial intelligence with automotive expertise, successfully provided early warning of major malfunctions in 10% of a bus fleet that was tested in the pilot operated by Israel-based Kavim Public Transportation company.


Today's vehicles undergo costly maintenance at fixed times as a preventative measure, even if they are in good condition. Yet, fleet owners worldwide still spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year fixing vehicle malfunctions that weren't caught on time, resulting in excessive repair costs and unnecessary downtime.

Questar recently ran its AI-based analytics software on a heterogeneous Kavim fleet - in order to monitor the health of its urban and intercity buses - and determined that 90% of the tested buses were functioning properly while 10% of the tested buses had two major malfunctions that were not observable through any vehicles' error codes. The first malfunction was an issue with the vehicles' exhaust systems due to an engine oil leak – a serious issue that was not reported by the engine controllers. The second malfunction was an issue with the exhaust systems' particulate filters, which disrupted the pollutant burning cycle process that assures proper emission filtration.

By identifying vehicle malfunctions before they turn into expensive, or unsafe issues, Questar minimizes vehicle downtime due to malfunctions and repair times and helps fleet owners save thousands of dollars per vehicle. Field data shows that by using Questar's vehicle health management solution to detect vehicle malfunctions before they occur, fleet operators can enjoy a 30% reduction in costs on spare parts, a 10% reduction in fuel consumption, a 20% reduction in accidents and up to 75% reduction in unnecessary downtime. The payoff goes beyond dollars and cents: real-time health monitoring optimizes emission filtration and saves fuel - making fleets more environmentally sustainable.

"Questar was born following the acquisition of SafeRide by Traffilog, with the vision of taking SafeRide's AI and deep learning capabilities and pairing them with Traffilog's data collection capabilities and deep automotive knowledge, as well as its strong customer-base, to create a first-of-its-kind predictive vehicle health platform," said Erez Lorber, CEO of Questar. "Today, that vision has transformed into a reality: Questar is a one-stop-shop offering everything that the automotive ecosystem needs to convert vehicle data into actionable insights in real-time. The technology enables us to help fleet owners like Kavim reimagine traditional vehicle maintenance and repair practices - preventing unnecessary expenses and keeping bus drivers and passengers alike safe."

By combining AI-based analytic software, advanced telematics, years of accumulated data insights and automotive know-how, Questar is redefining traditional vehicle maintenance practices to better manage vehicle health and identify vehicle malfunctions before they become unnecessarily expensive or turn into safety risks. Questar's technology is deployed in over 350K vehicles across more than 20 countries, providing constant, meaningful, cost saving insights to automakers, suppliers, and fleets.

About Questar Auto technology

Questar Auto Technologies AI-driven solution converts vehicle data into actionable insights across the entire automotive ecosystem. The AI solution provides timely insights about the problems that a vehicle faces and when they need maintenance before it's too late. Questar enables OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to lower design costs, reduce warranty claim costs, and minimize recalls and helps commercial fleets increase uptime, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), improve safety, and streamline their operations. Questar was formed in 2021 following the acquisition of SafeRide Technologies by Traffilog, a provider of telematics, advanced diagnostics, and predictive maintenance services for commercial and passenger fleets. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv with offices in the United States (San Jose and Detroit), Germany, and Korea.

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