Design and Quality Improvements During Development

As vehicle electronic components and systems become increasingly complex, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers need more advanced tools and methods to improve vehicle quality. Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management platform uses deep learning technology to monitor the vehicle performance along its development cycle. It can identify anomalies in the expected behavior that cannot be detected using traditional methods. Questar’s AI-based health monitors can then be deployed onboard the vehicle during production to continue monitoring the vehicle performance and enable continuous improvement of vehicle quality.

With Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management, OEMs can improve the design and quality of their vehicles during development and throughout production.


Aftersales Design and Quality Improvements

Learning how vehicles are used by fleets and private vehicle owners is critical for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Questar’s advanced telematics and AI-based analytics capabilities help OEMs understand real-life vehicle behavior, drive cycle, and driver behavior and improve the quality of aftersales vehicles and the design of future vehicles. In addition, Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management and fleet analytics solution enables OEMs to provide their fleet customers with advanced diagnostics and prognostics services that help them reduce their costs and improve their operational efficiency.

Over the Air Updates

Today’s vehicles contain dozens of electronic control units (ECU) which often require software and firmware updates. When these updates become available, vehicle manufacturers need to ensure that their customers can quickly and easily install the new software, particularly when it affects vehicle quality. Questar’s over-the-air update solution enables vehicle owners to quickly download and install these updates. For fleet customers, the solution enables maintenance personnel to update multiple vehicles at a time in the yard or drivers to update their vehicle any time they’re safely stopped, such as during rest breaks or pre-trip inspections.


Who is the Platform for

Improve vehicle quality and increase customer satisfaction by using Questar’s AI-based vehicle health management solutions to identify quality issues sooner and resolve them faster.

Questar’s deep learning software and development tools enable automotive OEM and Tier 1 engineers to identify hidden design issues and improve quality before any vehicles are sold.

Questar’s AI-based platform provides state-of-the-art edge and fleet analytics that enable OEM data analysts to identify and correct quality issues before the vehicle’s performance degrades and failures begin to occur.

Increase customer satisfaction by using Questar’s diagnostic, predictive, and prognostic solutions to maintain high quality and prevent vehicle downtime.

Questar’s telematics platform provides AI-based vehicle health management and over-the-air software update capabilities to ensure that your vehicles are operating at peak performance.