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In this position, you will play a role as a professional technical manager of projects carried out at Questar to ensure trouble-free installations for the various customers and various vehicle models to ensure customer satisfaction, product quality, and company success.

Your activities will include:

  • Investigate vehicles for the purpose of installing the systems
  • Preparing product installation manuals
  • Vehicle CAN bus investigation and research
  • Performing proper inspections of the product
  • Carrying out controlled field experiments in vehicles, building reports, and characterizations for the purpose of developing new capabilities of Questar in the field of vehicles.
  • Performing diagnostics using the Questar system
  • Monitoring and training customers, installers, and technicians
  • Professional support for the company’s customers – engineering support for customers who use the system.
  • Build configurations and customize system services for the customer
  • Investigate product malfunctions.
  • Monitoring professional processes in the field of automotive engineering in the company, such as characterization of customer services, characterization, construction of reports, etc.
  • Professional technical training for the company’s employees, distributors, and call center



  • At least 5 years of experience in the automotive field
  • Automotive Engineer / Automotive Practical Engineer or Electrical Engineer / Electrical Practical Engineer
  • Helpful and open-minded
  • High level of technical understanding
  • Previous experience working with overseas clients
  • Experience working with diagnostic equipment
  • Experience in the field of car electronics and in-vehicle computer systems
  • Experience in building technical training plans
  • Experience in technical writing and execution of technical investigation reports
  • Ability to read high-level technical and electrical drawings
  • High-level English –must
  • Experience and understanding of vehicle communication protocols – an advantage
  • Self-learning ability of complex technical material
  • The ability to work while having multiple tasks and stressful schedules

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